Aware of the social challenges of Quebec’s multicultural community, Aura Navarro and Laura Pérez, PhD graduates of Université de Montréal and specialists in Spanish and Translation Studies, have taken the initiative to start SELEQ (Spanish Language Services in Quebec).


SELEQ is a company with a social approach that offers workshops and linguistic services designed for communities with specific characteristics and needs, in which the teaching of Spanish and offering Spanish language services can have a positive impact.


The workshops designed for the elderly allow them to maintain their ability to memorize and concentrate, to solve problems, to enrich their social environment and to get prepared for trips abroad.


For the curious spirits, our personalized workshops offer a journey through the united yet diverse Hispanic world.


For those committed to international solidarity, our workshops offer not only the basic Spanish necessary for this purpose, but also an exhibition of the linguistic and cultural varieties of the places involved.


Immigrant communities, cooperatives and students can utilize our translation and revision services at affordable prices.