Spanish for Solidarity

This Spanish program is addressed to those who wish to work in the field of international solidarity and, particularly, those who wish to build a bridge of solidarity with Latin America.


Our workshops are adapted to the needs of the participants, that is, they offer the necessary tools not only on the linguistic level, but also on the socio-cultural and terminological level. We take into account the linguistic variety and the sociocultural context of where the cooperation project will be carried out (Honduras, Guatemala and Peru, for example), as well as the area in which the participants will work (health, urban planning, sustainable development and environment, agriculture and forestry, food, education, among others).


Currently available only at the request of interested organisms.


Note: If you wish to prepare for your solidarity trip individually and not through an organism, we invite you to learn about our LEEN. workshops.


Feel free to contact us for more information about our workshops: