Enriched Spanish

If you’re interested in the Hispanic world, but you do not have much time to change your routine, sign up for the first live interactive Spanish course, no need to move and leave home, or your office. You choose when to log in and the number of courses you want to attend.


LEEN live offers interactive 40-minute workshops between 7am and 9pm with teachers from different latitudes of the Hispanic world who will work with you on grammar, culture or news (depending on your interests) in webinar-style classes.



Each LEEN live workshop is identified with a language level, according to the CEFR: A1 and A2 for beginners, B1 and B2 for intermediates, and C1 and C2 for advanced users. We invite you to take the free online language tests to learn more about your level of Spanish.


You pay a single monthly payment of $ 49 and you can register for any workshop of your choice. The offer of the week will be available every Friday.


In short, LEEN live is:

  • Up to 40 hours of Spanish workshops per week.
  • Based on interesting and varied subjects: cinema, television series, cooking, news of the Hispanic world, tourism, literature, etc.
  • An interactive TV programming format.
  • A Connection via the online platform ZOOM.
  • Choosing when to connect.


Come live this innovative Spanish learning experience without any time constraints !!!